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Automotive Transmission Bushings

Omega Machine & Tool has been supplying the automotive transmission industry with one piece,
solid bronze bushings for close to twenty years. We manufacture individual bushings, complete bushing kits, tools, and have a variety of different repair operations we do on transmission parts. If you need a single bushing or several thousand, we have the capacity to meet your needs.

To start the process of making a custom bushing, simply send us any part that interfaces with the bushing. Better yet, give us a call at 916 372 6001 to get the ball rolling, ask for Dennis.

We pride ourselves on producing high-quality products. Most O.E.M. bushings, out of necessity, have too much clearance. Omega Machine produces a precision bushing for today's precision transmission.

ZF6HP19/21 Bushing kit Nissan RE5RO5A Bushing Kit AB60E/F Toyota extension housing bushing
ZF6HP19/21 Transmission Bushing Kit - Part # 14500
Our Price: $110.56
Sale Price: $99.95
Save $10.61!
Nissan RE5RO5A Bushing Kit Part # 59500
Our Price: $71.28
Sale Price: $65.25
Save $6.03!
Toyota AB60E/F Extension Housing Bushing Part # 153411
Our Price: $17.50
Sale Price: $16.25
Save $1.25!
6L90 Bushing Kit 09G-TF60SN Rear Case Bushing Repair Tool TR-80SD transmission bushing kit
6L90 Eleven piece bushing kit Part # 133500
Our Price: $119.56
Sale Price: $105.65
Save $13.91!
09G / TF60SN Rear Case Bushing Repair Tool Part # 90330
Our Price: $275.00
Sale Price: $250.00
Save $25.00!
TR-80SD transmission bushing kit Part # 159500
Our Price: $96.50
Sale Price: $92.79
Save $3.71!
Toyota U151E bushing kit R4A51 bushing kit Toyota A750E-A960E extension housing bushing
U151E bushing kit Part # 138500
Our Price: $84.47
Sale Price: $74.75
Save $9.72!
Mitsubishi Montero R4A51 Bushing Kit. Part #11500
Our Price: $97.38
Sale Price: $88.47
Save $8.91!
Toyota A750E-A960E Extension Housing Bushing Part # 152411
Our Price: $19.50
Sale Price: $17.95
Save $1.55!

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Top Sellers

AW55 50SN Solenoid Bushings
Sale Price: $5.00
AW55 50SN Solenoid Tool Base
Sale Price: $35.00
6T70 Bushing Kit
Sale Price: $85.30
5R110W Torque Shift Direct Drum Bushing
Sale Price: $28.74
09G/TF81-SC/TF80-SC Solenoid Bushings
Sale Price: $5.00

New Products

6T30E Bushing Kit
Sale Price: $81.50
6R80 Ford transmission pump bushing
Sale Price: $16.50
42RE-48RE Extension housing spacers
Sale Price: $17.50
Subaru 5EAT bushing kit
Sale Price: $84.95
Suzuki ZF4HP16 Bushing Kit
Sale Price: $49.95